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Mount Kinabalu Borneo

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The website that helps you on your climbing trip to Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in SEA

Welcome to Mount Kinabalu This website is build for everybody, especially for those who are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu, the highest climber-friendly mountain in South East Asia. You will be given useful tips, relevant information and general mountain climbing guidelines to the summit of Borneo.

"I have not been to Malaysia yet, just in dreaming stages, but your site was one of the most helpful and inspiring ones I found on the topic of Mt. Kinabalu. It really made me want to visit, and to climb the mountain!" - Jeela Goldberry

Island of Borneo, in South East Asia


Mount Kinabalu is situated in the East Malaysia state of Sabah on the island of Borneo. It is the place where you could see breathtaking sunrise from above the clouds, 13,435 feet (4095 meters) above sea level.

Although you have made the decision to climb Mount Kinabalu and have all the information about your planned expedition, you could still gain some more information from this website. You may want to tweak your expedition yourself rather than having to follow tour operator packages that has been made up for you.

If you still have not made any decision, please feel free to navigate through the website. You may find something that could make your decision making easier.

Or, are you just surfing around? That is even better, as we hope that you could gain more information about the highest summit in Borneo, the people of Mount Kinabalu and the diverse natural habitat of Sabah, also known as The Land Below The Wind.

Mount KinabaluFor those of you who have climbed Mount Kinabalu, please share with us your experiences. Tell us your story, the good things and the bad things (if necessary!) of the journey to the summit. Was it worth a climb?

It does not matter whether you are a seasonal traveler, a mountain climber, a nature lover or just an ordinary person who is looking for something extraordinary to be done once in a lifetime, you may find valuable information regarding Mount Kinabalu climbing here.

Before starting your adventure, make sure to collect some information about Mount Kinabalu, Sabah and Malaysia in general, in order to avoid unpleasant experiences like paying too much money for a low quality accommodation, or not using your time to see as much as you would like to. These information could be easily obtained from travel advice and accommodation search engines like trivago, you can use it to compare hotels prices and preferences such as family friendly hotels, Spa hotels, attraction hotels and much more.  

Pour yourself a beverage of choice, bring along a pen to jot down some information and make yourself comfortable. This is only a guideline of the journey to the summit of Mount Kinabalu before the true journey begins.

You will be shown the way to the highest peak in South East Asia from where you are now. Hmmm... You don't think that you would be able to climb Mount Kinabalu? Well, think again. Mount Kinabalu is extremely climber-friendly and compared to other lower mountains around the world, it is an ideal first mountain for novice mountain climbers to conquer.

With good mental and some physical preparation, you should be able to reach the Summit of Borneo - soon.

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